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I'm a huge fan of Tigers Eye. It's not only grounding and protecting, but it's simply gorgeous to look at too, with bands of caramel and gold shimmering in the light. Beautiful.


This 8mm bead is wrapped in silver plated wire and can be made in your size if this one won't fit you. 


A stone of protection, Tigers Eye releases fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It resonates with the second, or solar plexus, Chakra - Manipura - that is yellow in colour and which is all about your self esteem and sense of uniqueness.


silver plated | ring | tigers eye | wire wrap


Tigers Eye wrap ring

  • This size P ring features silver plated wire and an 8mm Tigers Eye bead.

    Do not submerge, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Can be cleaned gently with a silver cleaning cloth.

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