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These roller bottles are just gorgeous! Each bottle is not only filled with beautiful gemstone chips but they have a crystal roller made from the same stone as the contents. I've filled mine all of mine with various oils and serums for an extra mojo boost to my skincare regime. I've even filled one with argan oil. You can also use perfume oils but just be aware you may cause some discolouration to the lighter coloured crystals.


Each of these roller bottles coordinate with one of the 7 main chakras:

  • Clear Quartz - Clear/ White - Crown
  • Amethyst - Purple - Third Eye
  • Sodalite - Blue - Throat
  • Rose Quartz - Pink - Heart
  • Aventurine -  Green - Solar Plexus
  • Jasper - Red - Sacral
  • Tourmaline - Black - Root


Important - You must clean the stones on a regular basis to maintain hygiene and prevent bacterial growth. The roller lid can be removed quite easily, using a thin, blunt knife to gently prise it off. Using a sieve to decant the crystals into,  use very diluted, clean, washing up water to remove any traces of oil or serum, rinse thorougly and pat dry. Allow them to sit in the air for a while to make sure they are completely dry. You can recharge them either with sound, sage smoke or by leaving them in a sunny spot for an hour or in a moonlit window sill overnight for an extra boost!  


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Crystal roller bottles

  • The glass bottles 


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