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If you aren't sure what crystal you need, maybe a mixture created to help with a specific situation would be better instead. Enter my potion jars! I currently have a few varieties but I will be adding more soon.


  • Carnelian | Petrified Wood | Moonstone - for balance, repair and release.
  • Aventurine | Hematite | Moonstone | Rose Quartz | Tigers Eye | Labradorite - for balance, grounding and release. Ideal for anxiety.
  • Rose Quartz | Blue Lace Agate | Carnelian | Amethyst - for nurturing, calming and healing. Ideal for anger.
  • Moonstone | Rainbow Moonstone - for calming, balance, insight and release.


Jars measure approximately 45mm tall, including the cork, and are 23mm wide. Each jar is adorned with a coloured cord for hanging.

Crystal Jars | Multi stone


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