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Very often, when I feel out of sorts, it's been my chakras, so I keep one of these jars in my bag and one in my car hanging from the rear view mirror. 
Each jar contains the following crystals to help realign your chakras.
Jasper | Carnelian | Petrified Wood | Aventurine | Blue Lace Agate | Amethyst | Clear Quartz
Even if you aren't interested in the healing properties of crystals, they are going to look gorgeous where ever you decide to use them, with their cute little rainbow stripes!
Each jar comes cleansed and charged ready for use.
Jars measure approximately 45mm tall, including the cork, and are 23mm wide. Each jar is adorned with a coloured cord for hanging.

Crystal Jars | Chakra set

  • To periodically recharge the crystals, leave in a moonlit window sill overnight at the full moon.

    Wipe the jar gently with a damp cloth.

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