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This large Turquoise bead is wrapped with silver plated copper wire and comes with a 35cm silver plated belcher chain. It's a striking piece and looks fantastic against a solid colour.


Turquoise is a very spiritual stone. It can facilitate communication between the physical and the spiritual realms, enhance latent psychic abilities, amplify intuition, and bring insight and wisdom. As a blue stone it is ideal to wear at the throat chakra as it will negate the power of old vows or commitments that no longer serve you. It is a purification stone and fantastic atmospheric cleanser.


wire wrapping | necklace | turquoise | copper | silver plated | chain | blue | ball

Turquoise Ball Wrap Necklace

  • The measurements from the back of the neck to the bottom of the stone are 390mm. The pendant on its own is 38mm long and 21mm wide at the widest part.

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