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This gorgeous Snow Quartz grape pendant is finished with a silver plated tassel, findings and chain, with adjustable loop so you can wear the pendant at two different lengths. This design is amazingly tactile and is like a wearable stress ball!


Snow Quartz is a gentle stone that assists in finding alignment and harmony. Supportive during difficult situations, when feeling overwhelmed and drained is the norm, it can be used to filter negative, whilst increasing positive, emotions. Especially good for anyone who has a tendency towards victim mentality, Snow Quartz gently reminds us that we that we have a choice in our destiny and a path leading to health and happiness.

Snow Quartz tassel pendant

  • The pendant features 8 x 8mm Snow Quartz beads, a silver plated tassel and is approx 65mm long, 25mm wide and is sold with a 500mm - 710mm adjustable chain.

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