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I don't like spiders. I don't want to hurt them, but I don't fancy hugging one any time soon! What I hate is when you see one in your house and by the time you've gone and found a glass to put it outside, you've lost sight of the eight legged demon and spend the next two days convinced it's either crawling on you or drinking from your mouth when you fall asleep.


For someone with genuine arachnophobia, the only thing more terrifying is the thought of them taking to the skies where you can't ever catch them, or worst still, escape them. That's where this card came from. Let's all take a moment and be thankful spiders don't fly is a little nod to that most frightening of thoughts.



| funny | humour | cheeky | spiders | arachnophobia | phobias |

Let's all take a moment and be thankful spiders don't fly.


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  • This DL card is approx. 210mm x 105mm, is printed on good quality card and comes with an envelope (colour will vary according to stock).

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