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So much to do; Only one of me

It's been over six months and I feel like I'm finally coming back to the surface for a big gulp of air! It's been a busy time for the business with attending two regular monthly markets and the work that comes with those. Busy days filled with things like making new stock to keep my stall looking fresh and new but also with fulfilling commission orders, whilst trying to develop new ideas! It's a lot, but I'm so grateful.

Since losing my Dad in Spring 2021, I've really lost any interest in wanting to clear cupboards and organise our home - things I've always adored doing in the past. Something obviously shifted at the start of the summer as I've been going full steam ahead with clearing and organising everything, from wardrobes to medicine cabinets, kitchen cupboards to my studio. It's been exhausting but absolutely brilliant too.

I've also had my 50th birthday at the end of August, so it's felt like a big year in many ways.

I'm now trying to get to grips with my website, hence the prompting to give you guys a quick update. First job was going through the pages and general layout to make sure it would make sense to a customer, as whether I can find my way around easily is irrelevant! It's not an easy job to try and look at something you have designed through critical eyes and pull it apart but I have, and I hope the results are an easier to navigate menu and landing pages.

My SEO needed a huge overhaul, so that's been a 3 day job. I must say, Wix is an amazing solution - not sponsored! Everything is straightforward and can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. I like to think I'm a proficient semi-techie, and I'm a graphic designer by trade, so I love to go a little more complex and really personalise everything so I have a strong visual brand, but they have a huge selection of templates to work from too.

Updates, new products and changes are coming, but they are coming slowly. Due to the general, I can't be in 3 places at once problem, I've had a Sophies choice of making new stock for markets, fulfilling commissions or keeping the website up to date with everything I've been making. Unfortunately, the latter has taken a back seat for months and now the pile of items to photograph, list and advertise is so large, it's become a very overwhelming task! We're talking 800 items at least. The obvious thing is to photograph and add to the website as I go, but I didn't, months passed, 100's of items were made and this is where we are. I certainly won't make the same mistake again, once I've got this under control!

So, wonderful reader, that's what I'll be doing for the next few weeks, in between trying to make plenty of new stock ready for the back-to-back winter season events that start in late October.

Ideally, I need a clone, but until then, wish me luck?

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