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Collectively caring

Belonging to a marketplace group of 300 small, local businesses, I was surprised and disturbed by how quickly those same people became unpleasant and bullying to a fellow trader at the slightest provocation. Worse still, not only did the group administration not shut it down immediately, the whole unpleasant exchange was public for our entire customer base to read at their leisure!

I loathe bullying, so the whole experience really left an nasty taste in my mouth and accelerated the launch of something I'd been toying with for weeks.

The amazing Kelly from I Love Surprises and I have set up a group where there will be no judgement, just support, advice and fun. As long as you run your own, original business, where you are the creator/designer/owner/maker/decision maker/coffee maker and the sole person in charge (sole trader), our new group will support you at every turn, regardless of your industry.

Sound like fun? We thought so too! Check out what we've been up to on our socials, and if you fancy joining the conversation, we'd love to have you x

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