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A bit about me...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hey there! I'm Lorna, and I'm really pleased to meet you. Like most creative people it's an obsession, so I'm always creating something, and my hands don't stay still for long.

Jewellery & Crystals | I am completely obsessed with crystals and use them exclusively in my jewellery, as I can't resist trying to spread the word about these natural pieces of magic and joy. I currently use silver plated findings, although I'll hopefully be branching into sterling silver soon. If you are open to crystals, they can have a profound effect on the wearer, and they will often choose you; something that has happened to me so often, I don't even look them up anymore. If a stone calls to you, it's for a reason!

Cards | When I'm not making jewellery, I am putting my sense of humour to good work, designing new greeting cards. I've got a wide range now, covering most situations or occasions. Cheeky, (some downright rude!) words of wisdom and inspirational quotes, there will be something that appeals to everyone. I've also got a range of completely handmade and hand finished cards.

Socials | If you fancy having a sneak peek into my world, you can follow me on Instagram. I'm a horror junkie and can be found dragging my long suffering hubby all over the UK and Florida, visiting horror events every October. You can also check out what I'm designing, and see our nest of inspiration. Links to my socials are in the footer below.

As you're already here, why not check out my shop and take a look around? You never know what you might find and I'm always listing something new! If you have any questions, drop me a line using the form and I'll do my best to help.

Talk to you soon!

Love and light x

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